2021 COVID-19 Statement
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New Sponsor, plus Artemis!

Please join us in welcoming our latest sponsor The Royal Manticoran Navy!

Second (Gryphon) Fleet represents The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, and covers IL, IN, MI, WI, MN, OH, and KY. We exist to celebrate the work of David Weber and the universe he has created in his Honor Harrington books.

The Royal Mantacoran Navy will be setting up an Artemis Room on Saturday for guests to play. If you've ever wanted to be a part of a starship crew this is your opportunity.

Please visit our sponsor's website!


FuMPFest E-Mail List

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Additional Artists Announced

We are pleased to announce three additional artists who will be joining us to perform at FuMPFest 2021.

Bad Beth and Beyond - The FuMP's resident bad girl will be coming up from New Orleans to spread her mayhem among FuMPFest.

Insane Ian - Our illustrious master of ceremonies will be doing a full set himself again this year.

The Gothsicles - The indiustrial video game madness of The Gothsicles will once again grace the FuMPFest stage.

We will be confirming the rest of the lineup and making the rest of the announcements in the spring.


Hotel Link Now Includes Shoulder Nights

We are happy to report that the online link to book rooms in our room block now includes the shoulder nights (Thursday and Sunday), so if you are planning to stay those extra nights you can now book your room online.

Please contact us if you have any difficulties booking your room.


Hotel Reservations from 2020 Were Not Carried Over

We were just informed by the hotel that due to the volume of cancellations they received from the pandemic they were not able to transfer 2020's FuMPFest registrations to 2021. If you made a reservation for 2020 you will need to make a new one for 2021.

Remember, you can use the link on our website if you are staying for Friday and/or Saturday night only. If you are planning to stay for Thursday and/or Sunday night you will need to call the hotel group reservation line at 847-777-6556.

Please be sure to help us out and get into our room block! We need to fill it!


Hotel Link Updates

We have received an updated hotel link for 2021's event. Click here to make your reservation.

Remember, if you plan to stay for Thursday and/or Sunday night you will need to contact the Group Reservation department at the hotel. Maria Cushing: Maria.Cushing@westinnorthshore.com or 847-777-6556

If you made a reservation for 2020 your reservations should automatically be moved to the same nights for 2021. We recommend reaching out to the hotel to verify your reservations are correct.


FuMPFest 2021 Announcement!

OK, let's try this again. FuMPFest 2021 will be taking place August 20-22 in Chicago with our guest of honor, Dr. Demento!

Join us for live performances by a slew of talented comedy-musicians, our annual Dumb Parody Ideas thing, the Logan Awards, and our 50th anniversary celebration of The Dr. Demento Show with Dr. Demento himself and some other special guests.

Dr. Demento will be on hand Friday and Saturday to present his Festival of Dementia, sign autographs, answer questions, and host the 11th annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music.

And we are thrilled to announce our first batch of performers for the weekend:

Amy Engelhardt - The former member of The Bobs is returning for another batch of great songs, and hopefully by then her new album Finish What You will be... well, finished.

Bill Larkin - Local legend Bill Larkin who has been seen on Comedy Central and all over Chicago's theater scene will be returning for another batch of amazing comedy.

Clearly Guilty - The "nerdy, purdy, and dirty" girls of geeky music closed out FuMPFest 2019 with an amazing show and we are thrilled to welcome them back for 2021.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap - This psychedelic alternative rock band from Tennessee... yes, we said band... had the #1 song of the year on The Dr. Demento Show in 2010.

Ross Childs - Another local legend, Ross Childs is a founding member of the Chicago sketch comedy team Waffle Junkies and will be doing his first full FuMPFest concert in 2021.

Worm Quartet - The one-man-band synth-punk-comedy "Pac-Man guy from VH-1" will be back to shout at you about nipples and sweat on the first few rows of the audience.

And we are pleased to announce the release of our 2020 compilation album FuMPFest 2020 - Live! The album features recordings from our online FuMPFest 2020 event which took place on August 29, 2020. It includes performances by Amy Engelhardt, Carla Ulbrich, Worm Quartet, and the Consortium of Genius, plus selections from Dumb Parody Ideas and The Logan Awards. The album culminates with a live performance of "Another One Rides the Bus" by the great Luke Ski, TV's Kyle, and Linzilla to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that song. Proceeds from the sale of the album go to support the convention, so please help us out and pick up a copy. Click here to pick up your copy.

All of this is pandemic-permitting, of course. We will not do anything that risks anyone's safety.

Registration for the weekend is now open. Join us in celebrating 50 years of The Dr. Demento Show! Click here to register.


Thank You for a Wonderful Virtual Event!

Our first virtual FuMPFest went off with several hitches, but thankfully they were mostly minor or resolved quickly. Or at least highly amusing, so it all worked out.

We need to give a big thank you to our performers Amy Engelhardt, Carla Ulbrich, Worm Quartet, and our surprise guests the Consortium of Genius who "hacked" the stream. Thank you to Insane Ian for doing a wonderful job with the Logan Awards presentation. Thank you to our Showcase performers the great Luke Ski, Brett Glass, TV's Kyle and Linzilla, Alexandria Rasey, Karl Brown, and Ross Childs, plus Steve Goodie who closed out Opening Ceremonies. And a big thank you to everyone who submitted to our video contest and to Dumb Parody Ideas. Congratulations to Eclectic Lee Seitz for winning the video contest and to William Gennich for his winning Dumb Parody Idea.

We also want to thank our sponsors Bill Rockwell, Demented Punk Records, Dementia Radio, and The Boobles!

And, of course, thank YOU for tuning in and watching! If you missed any part of it or want to rewatch it the video is still available (partially muted for copyright reasons) on our Twitch channel for the next few days. Watch it while it's still available because it won't be up long.

Watch this space for the announcement of our 2020 compilation album which will be available soon. And we'll see you in person in 2021, GHCM-willing!

2020-08-29

FuMPFest 2020 Announcements

We finally have some details to pass on for FuMPFest 2020.


FuMPFest 2020 will feature live streamed performances by Amy Engelhardt, Carla Ulbrich, Devo Spice, and Worm Quartet! We will also be doing an online version of The FuMP Showcase so there will be some additional artists performing as well.

The full schedule has been posted.

Dumb Parody Ideas - Participation and Deadline

Since this year's event is online it would be impractical to have everyone join the meeting and perform their songs live, so we are asking anyone who wishes to participate in Dumb Parody Ideas this year to record themselves (on video, preferably) performing their songs and send us the recording.

Each participant is limited to three entries, and each entry can be no longer than 90 seconds. We recommend performing just a verse and a chorus of your song, but if you want to do more and can keep it under 90 seconds that's fine.

Send your video entries to devospice@gmail.com by August 15th. If you need help transferring large files reach out to Devo and he'll set something up for you.

Video Contest Deadline

We are also doing the video contest again this year. Same rules as last year - make a video for a FuMP song and you could win a free admission to next year's event and two free nights in the hotel. The deadline for submissions is August 15th. See the Video Contest page for full rules and details.

FuMPFest 2020 Limited Edition T-Shirt

This year's t-shirt is now available for pre-order and we think the design accurately reflects what has been going on this year.

This is a limited run t-shirt. We are only making as many as we pre-sell and will not be making any extras. If you want one you must order on or before August 7th.

We are no longer accepting orders for this year's t-shirt.

Mobile App Won't Be Updated for 2020

For technical reasons our FuMPFest mobile app is not going to be updated for 2020. If you have last year's app the Tune-In links will still work for Twitch and Dementia Radio. We will be looking into solutions for updating the app for 2021.

FuMPFest Highlights Video Episode 1

Join us Friday, August 28th for Episode 1 of our FuMPFest highlights videos beginning at 8pm Eastern, 5 Pacific on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.


FuMPFest Postponed to 2021

The live FuMPFest event with Dr. Demento has been postponed to August 20-22, 2021. Dr. Demento has already confirmed for that weekend and we plan to go forward with his 50th anniversary celebration, even if it's a year late. Most of the artists booked for this year have already re-confirmed as well and we will continue working to solidify the lineup for 2021.

For this year we will be doing an online event on the evening of August 29th. This event will be free and streamed via Twitch and Dementia Radio. It will feature live concerts, Dumb Parody Ideas, The Logan Awards, and more. No registration is necessary. Just tune in and enjoy.

If you have pre-registered for FuMPFest 2020 your registration will be carried forward to FuMPFest 2021 automatically. If you can't make it to FuMPFest 2021 and would like a refund please contact support@fidim.com.

If you have booked a hotel room for FuMPFest 2020 your reservation will automatically be rescheduled for the same nights in 2021. For example, if you were arriving Friday (8/28) and departing Sunday (8/30) in 2020 your reservation will be adjusted so you will be arriving on Friday (8/20) and departing Sunday (8/22) in 2021. If you need to cancel or make a change to your reservation please contact the hotel at (847) 777-6500.

We are moving forward with this year's video contest. Entries will be screened towards the beginning of the stream and the winner will be announced towards the end. You do not need to be tuned in live to win. Make a music video for a FuMP song and you could win two free badges and 2 nights at the hotel for FuMPFest 2021. Please see our Video Contest page for official rules and details.

We are also moving forward with our Dumb Parody Ideas contest this year. Entries will be pre-recorded. If you are interested in submitting a song or two to the contest just record yourself performing the songs and send the video to us. You can submit up to three songs to the contest. Each video can be no longer than 90 seconds. We encourage you to limit each entry to just a verse and a chorus, but you can perform more of the songs so long as you don't exceed the 90 second mark for any one song. We reserve the right to edit videos for time if necessary. Send your videos to info@thefump.com with the subject "Dumb Parody Ideas" to enter.

We are looking into the possibility of doing Bingo this year as well but need to figure out the logistics of doing that. More details will be available at a later date.

We are very disappointed with this situation and apologize for the inconvenience but we just aren't comfortable holding an event that could put people's lives at risk. Thankfully the hotel was very accommodating and we are looking forward to working with them in 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Devo Spice. Thank you for understanding and we'll see you online on August 29th!