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Thank You for an Amazing Event!

Another FuMPFest has come and gone and we had so much fun we are just now getting around to sorting things out from the weekend.

All the acts were amazing, as usual. It was great to see Lauren Mayer and Bill Larkin do full sets and, of course, The Four Postmen just blew the lid off the place with their concert. It was amazing! And I am still humbled to have been named Honorary Postman #6 with a hat and everything. That was so cool!

The FuMP Game Show was a lot of fun and went off much better than we were expecting it to. The FuMP Bingo was a lot of fun, and Dare to be Weird Burlesque was a welcome addition to the weekend.

We still have some copies of the 2017 FuMPFest CDs if you haven't picked one up yet, and a limited number of FuMPFest 2018 t-shirts. So if you haven't picked yours up yet order soon before we run out.

We've already started planning for next year and we are looking to fill two more volunteer positions. 1. Hotel Liaison. We are looking for someone to just interface between Devo and the hotel. Must be in Chicago and have a car. 2. Salesperson. We are looking for someone to get us more sponsorships and possibly score some deals with local establishments. If you think you can help out with either position please email Devo Spice.

Thanks again, folks! And we'll update you on what we have planned for next year as soon as we know anything!


FuMPFest E-Mail List

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Tune in Live!

We will be streaming the audio and video all weekend from FuMPFest. Tune in live!

Audio only: DementiaRadio

Video and audio: Twitch


FuMPFest 2018 App Available

Our mobile app has been updated for this year's event. Go to your respective stores and download it to help you enjoy the weekend. The app is available for iOS and Android. (The Google Play store is still showing last year's icon for some reason. Install it and you'll see this year's icon.)

The app features our schedule, area map, hotel information, policies, and links to audio and video streaming sites. So if you can't attend the event in person you can tune in to the audio on DementiaRadio or the video on Twitch. (Note that due to a technological change we were unable to get the Shoutcast stream to work from inside the app itself. The app links to DementiaRadio.org. You will need a streaming media app such as VLC to listen to the stream.)


New Sponsor: Fest of Al

FuMPFest is pleased to welcome our latest sponsor into the fold. Fest of Al is a new comedy-music convention taking place this September in Denver. Fest of Al will feature a variety of special guests, comedians, and musicians. Attendees can expect 2 days of entertainment and "Weird Al" social events.

Special guests include The Gregory Brothers, Wayne Faust, Smashy Claw, Bolonium, and many more!

For more information visit FestofAl.com


Yet Another Message from The Four Postmen


Another Message from The Four Postmen!


A Message from The Four Postmen


FuMPFest 2018 T-Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order

The FuMPFest 2018 T-shirts are now available for pre-order! Order yours now and pick it up at FuMPFest, or have it shipped to you after the event.

Click here to get yours!


New Sponsor: Novels by Bill Rockwell

Bill Rockwell is a fantasy and mystery author, retired physician, and father of Devo Spice who was affectionally dubbed "Old Spice" at the first FuMPFest in 2014. He writes in a variety of genres and will be in attendance at FuMPFest again this year. His novels will be available at Table 27 along with the rest of the available merchandise.

Not Privileged to Know and its sequel Need to Know, Privileged Information are political thrillers involving the Mafia and corrupt politicians. Heaven's Conflict, the Rise and Fall of Angels is a religious fantasy novel about the fall of Lucifer and ensuing war. Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire is a horror story about a man who falls prey to a zombie attack after having been bitten by a vampire and becomes something new. And Death of the Innocents, a Detective Murph Mystery is a murder mystery involving a serial killer at a women's medical clinic. Bill is hard at work finishing up his latest novel, a YA fantasy novel called The Mysical Wand of Quinta. Keep an eye out for that one in the coming months.

For more information visit the author's web site at http://billrockwell.net.


2018 Schedule Now Available

The "final" version of the 2018 schedule is now available. Barring any "God hates comedy musicians" moments this will be the guide for all the awesomeness that is to come at this year's event.

The schedule will also be in the program book available at registration as well as in the mobile app, once we update it for this year.

Click here for this year's final schedule.