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Performing Artists Announcement

We are thrilled to announce most of the line-up for FuMPFest 2017! We're still finalizing the last few available slots but figured there's no point in waiting to announce the rest of the fantastic acts who will be pelting out funny music toward your faces!

In some form of alphabetical order...

2D6 - If you were at FuMPFest last year you saw what Luke Ski described as the "Chain Chomp form of rapping" featuring Cliff B (the post and chain) and DJ Stuck Down a Mine Shaft (the chompy bit that goes flying all over the place). They will be back to regale you with more nerdy rhymes and songs about pooping on dance floors!

Boy Meets Robot - Chicago's own chiptunes artist and newcomer to The FuMP (see the song "The Robots Will Kill Us All") will be joining us to sing about the inevitable robot uprising and how we can best serve our new overlords.

Insane Ian - Your intrepid FuMPFest emcee will be back to not only emcee the event once again, but also perform something very cool, if all goes according to plan. And if not, he's got a ton of other material he can perform anyway.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap - From way down in Tennessee, one of the few live bands in comedy will be making their FuMPFest debut this year. Nuclear Bubble Wrap does weird, psychedelic, amusing songs. Sometimes political, sometimes bizarre, always entertaining.

Peter Wildman - Peter Wildman is a founding member of The Frantics and the person responsible for the music that they produced. He will be appearing at FuMPFest armed with the entire catalog of Frantics songs and ready to boot some head.

Reformed Whores - Katie and Marie are a duo from New York City who have really made a name for themselves on the comedy scene and we are thrilled to have them appearing for the first time at FuMPFest.

Smashy Claw - Fresh off their "video a week" project Claw Machine, Smashy Claw will be returning to FuMPFest to perform some but probably not all of those songs. I mean, it is just a 3-day event, after all.

the great Luke Ski - Dr. Demento's most requested artist of the 21st century, and current storyboard artist for the Cartoon Network show Mighty Magiswords, will be returning to FuMPFest for a full set of funny and nerdy music.

Worm Quartet - Rochester's own six-foot-four random thought generator will be returning to once again perform his frantic funny music and get the audience to shout profanity in unison. And we can't think of a better person to do it.

We still have a few slots left to finalize, so stay tuned for more announcements. And if you haven't pre-registered yet, register now! Prices go up on April 1st!


FuMPFest 2016 2-CD Set Now Available

FuMPFest 2016 was an amazing time with some fantastic artists and we recorded the whole thing! Now, we have taken some of the best parts of the event and compiled it into a 2-CD set to help us raise money for this year's event.

This compilation, available as a 2-CD set or a digital download, contains 60 tracks and roughly 2.5 hours of music and comedy. And when you purchase the CDs you get the digital download immediately as well.

Hear live performances by Paul and Storm, Worm Quartet, 2D6, Megathruster, The Library Bards, Seamonkey, Carrie Dahlby, and many more. All proceeds from the sale of this album go directly to help us fund FuMPFest 2017, so please pick up a copy and help us spread the word so we can continue to produce this amazing event for you!

More Info


FuMPFest 2017 Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce that we have begun planning FuMPFest 2017 and have some information we can now share with you!

General Info
FuMPFest 2017 will be taking place June 16-18 at the Elk Grove Holiday Inn, the same venue we were at in 2016. Our hotel block should now be open and the rate is the same $109 per night. The room block closes May 26th.

Pre-registration is now open. Registration is just $40 for the weekend until March 31st. Visit our Registration Page to register online.

And we are now seeking dealers, sponsors, and program book ads for 2017.

Guest of Honor: Henry Phillips
Our guest of honor for 2017 will be none other than Henry Phillips. Henry tours the country bringing his own brand of "disconcertingly funny" songs to unsuspecting crowds everywhere. He is best known to fans of The Dr. Demento Show as the author of "On the Shoulders of Freaks," "Sweet Little Blossom of Mine," and "Guitar Pill." He also starred in the comedy Punching the Clown which we screened in 2015. We are thrilled to have Henry on board.

Video Contest
We are running another video contest for this year. Make a fan video for any song from The FuMP (preferably one that doesn't already have one) and you could win a free admission to next year's event. See our Video Contest page for details.


Holy Crap, What a Weekend!

FuMPFest 2016 was an unbelievably epic weekend of music, comedy, and fun! It was so epic that we are just now finally (mostly) recovered from the con and caught up with everything we have to do! Thank you to everyone who came, all of our guests and performers, our volunteers, the hotel staff, and everyone else who made this weekend a success!

We have some of leftover merchandise from the weekend that we have put in our store.

  • 2016 T-shirts - We have a very limited amount of 2016 t-shirts left. The shirts look amazing, so if we have your size left definitely pick one up!
  • 2016 Program Book - We made a few too many program books this year so we will be selling the extras through October for $2 each.
  • 2014 T-shirts - We had some additional t-shirts from 2014 leftover from a second run we did. Those have now been added to the store.

And we still have some copies of the 2014 and 2015 live CD sets.

Finally, we have set up a brief (7 question) survey to get some feedback from the audience regarding the event. If you have a few minutes please fill it out. Responses are anonymous and will be collected through October 15th. Click here to complete our survey.

Thanks again for an awesome event! We hope to have some information to share regarding 2017 soon!


Tune in Live!

FuMPFest is this weekend, and if you can't be here in person you can still enjoy the festivities online from the comfort of your own home, or office, or in-laws, or wherever you happen to be this weekend.

We are going to be streaming as much of the weekend as we can. Audio will be streamed for free on Dementia Radio. Video will be "paywutchyalike" via Concert Window. See the schedule for the full list of events happening this weekend.


Pre-registration Closed

Pre-registration is now closed, and we are no longer accepting new sponsors, dealers, program book ads, or t-shirt pre-orders for 2016. You can register at the event in person. Prices are listed on the Registration page. T-shirts will be available on site while supplies last.

We are still accepting entries into our video contest. The deadline for that is August 15th.


FuMPFest 2016 App Now Available for iOS and Android

Remember the app we released last year right after the event? Well, this year we got it approved before the event. Imagine that!

The FuMPFest app (version 2.0.3 for iOS and Android) has been updated with this year's information, including this year's schedule, hotel information, area map, and streaming links.

And you don't even need to wait until FuMPFest to use it! If you're a listener of Dementia Radio you can use this app to tune in to the stream which features 24/7 comedy music and live DJ's, including the FuMPCast with Devo Spice and the great Luke Ski which airs Thursday nights at 10pm.

Click on the links below to go to the various stores.

Download for iOS Download for Android

NOTE: There was a bug in the first released version for Android that made the text really small. Version 2.0.3. fixes this.


Harassment and Weapons Policies Posted

The organizers of FuMPFest want to make sure everyone in attendance feels safe and welcome throughout the event. To that end we have written up and posted our Harassment and Weapons policies. You can view them on our new Policies page.

We are still working out the details but there will be a security presence at FuMPFest to help enforce our policies and make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or anything related to FuMPFest please don't hesitate to contact us.


One Month Left to Reserve Your Hotel Room

There is just one month left to reserve your hotel room! Our room block closes on August 5th. If you haven't yet reserved your hotel room please do so now. We need to fill our hotel block and we are still a long way from that goal.

Click here to book your hotel room.

We have had numerous reports of people's reservations not being counted toward the block, so please make sure you are part of the group.


If you made your reservation and did not get an email from us that means your reservation was not counted toward our block (or you're one of the two people for whom we have no contact info). Please email support@fidim.com right away so we can make sure you get counted and we get credit for your reservation. Thanks!


FuMPFest 2016 T-shirts Now Available for Pre-order

The FuMPFest 2016 t-shirts are now available for pre-order! We will be accepting orders through July 31st so that we can produce them in time for the event.

If you're coming to FuMPFest you'll be able to pick up your shirt at registration. If not we'll ship it out to you after the event.

Be sure to get your orders in before July 31st in case we sell out at the event like we did last year! We won't be making any additional shirts after the event this year, so get your orders in now.

Order your copy today!