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Please welcome our first sponsor, Sulu!

We are thrilled to welcome back Sulu as a sponsor this year!

Sulu was a long-time sidekick on the Dr. Demento Show in the 1970s and 80s. In addition to answering phones and helping with the show she also recorded her own funny songs and had several hits with songs like "I Like Your Toes" and "Locked in the Closet with You."

Now a retired school teacher, Sulu has gone back to making the occasional funny song. Her latest song "I Made It with a Bagel and Cream Cheese" made Dr. Demento's Top 10 countdown for March this year. She also recorded a theme song for FuMPFest 2023 that we played during Opening Ceremonies. That recording can be found on our 2023 compilation, now available in the store.

Sulu will be in attendance at 2024's event!


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FuMPFest 2020 T-shirts Reprints

There has been some interest from people who missed out on the FuMPFest 2020 t-shirt, so to raise a little more money for the con we're going to do a second limited run print of this shirt.

This is a pre-order. We need to sell 12 shirts to reach the minimum order with the printer.

We will only be taking orders until February 15th.

If, by then, we have not sold 12 shirts we will not place the order and we will refund all your money. If we've reached that goal we will get the shirts printed and shipped out to you right away.

Commemorate the year that wasn't with the 2020 FuMPFest t-shirt. We feel this design accurately represents how everything went in 2020.

Click here to pre-order

This is also the last call for FuMPFest swag bags. 2023 Swag Bags will only be sold until February 15th as well.


FuMPFest Swag Bag Now Available!

If you were not at FuMPFest or did not get to pick up a Swag Bag while you were there we have a few left over so we're selling them in our store.

Order now while supplies last!


Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

Another FuMPFest has come and gone and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible!

Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey of Ogden Edsl put on a fantastic show full of dead puppies and fish people of Berodenon. Our other performers all put on great sets - Bonnie Gordon, Insane Ian, Jeff Whitmire, Ross Childs, Steve Goodie, the great Luke Ski, Toby Danger, and TV's Kyle and Linzilla, all managed to put on fantastic shows without crossing any picket lines.

We need to thank Steve Popernack and Ken Sherlock for their excellent work running Table 27.

We want to thank our sponsors, donors, and supporters, and everyone we roped into helping at the last minute for one thing or another.

Congratulations to Dr. Quinn for winning Dumb Parody Ideas, Shy Chipmunk for winning the game show, and Chuck for winning the video contest!

And of course we need to thank Andy Hopp and everyone involved at Con on the Cob for allowing us to crash their convention and making it a wonderful event!

Thank you all!

Please check out the 2023 Archive for photos of this year's event.


Worm Quartet Had to Cancel

Unfortunately Worm Quartet has had to cancel their appearance at FuMPFest due to COVID. We wish Shoebox a speedy recovery.

In place of Worm Quartet we will now have a concert by TV's Kyle and Linzilla!


FuMPFest 2023 T-Shirt Now Available for Pre-Order

The FuMPFest 2023 T-shirt is now available for pre-order! If you are attending FuMPFest you can pick up your t-shirt there and we will refund your shipping charges after the event. If not, the shirt will be shipped to you afterwards.

This t-shirt features a 6-color print of a design created by Devo's wife Jen inspired by guest of honor Ogden Edsl's debut album. The shirt will be available in sizes Small thru 4x. Pre-order now to ensure we have your size.

Click here to pre-order your t-shirt!


Audio and Video Promos Available

We have put together a 90 second promo for FuMPFest 2023. If you have a podcast, radio show, or other media outlet that can make use of such a thing please do so and help us spread the word!

The promos are available on our Resources page, and linked below. Additional resources will be available soon.

Audio promo

Video promo: YouTube or Download


New Sponsor: Sulu Grams!

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Sulu!

Sulu was one of Dr. Demento's original Sidekicks on the show and we had the pleasure of having her as a guest of FuMPFest in 2021. She sadly won't be able to attend in 2023 but she wanted to support the event and remind everyone to "Go to FuMPFest!" which is a sentiment I think we can all get behind.

Sulu doesn't have a website so we linked her sponsorship to the official Dr. Demento Facebook page. She is, however, working on new music, so keep an ear out for those!


The Rest of the Line Up

So who else is performing at FuMPFest?

Insane Ian will once again be hosting the event for the weekend, but he will also be performing. Ian is a comedian and actor from Chicago who specializes in comedy songs about video games.

Ross Childs is another Chicago native who will be making the trip to Ohio to join us for FuMPFest. Ross is a comedian who has built a devoted following on TikTok due to his hilarious and surrealistic videos.

Fresh off his appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Steve Goodie will be on hand to perform the show he did at the festival, his tribute to "Weird Al" Yankovic and Daniel Radcliffe, the two men who have most influenced his music over the years.

Dr. Demento's most requested artist of the 21st century returns to FuMPFest to push his 12th studio album Needlessly Meta and show you what exactly makes him the Uber Geek.


FuMPFest Just Got Bigger!

Also Performing: You know her as one half of the Library Bards... you know her as the voice of the ship's computer on Star Trek Prodigy... you know her as an original paladin from ABC's "The Quest." She is Bonnie Gordon, hot off the release of her debut solo album Con Artist, and two-time winner of Dumb Parody Ideas, Bonnie will be joining us for the FuMPFest madness and hopefully have a few new dumb parodies to regale us with.

Jeff Whitmire has made a name for himself in recent years by doing parodies of popular songs about horror movies. It all started with his parody "The Zoom Where it Happened" about the surprise lockdown hit Host. Since then Jeff has done songs about the V/H/S series, Stephen King's IT, Hellraiser, Stranger Things and many more. Jeff will be bringing his horror comedy music to FuMPFest to thrill and terrify you.

FuMPFest 2021 Album Now Available
Sorry this took so long, but the FuMPFest 2021 Live compilation is now available! The album features over two hours of music recorded live at FuMPFest 2021 when Dr. Demento was our Guest of Honor, Bill Larkin was making happy noises about being on stage again, and Worm Quartet did a parody. This compilation captures all the fun and insanity in a 2-CD set or digital download. All proceeds from the compilation go to support FuMPFest 2023.

Order your copy today!

Mower of Ogden Edsl!
We are thrilled to announce that a third member of Ogden Edsl, Richie Thieman, will be joining us for the weekend. Richie will be joining Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey for their Guest of Honor performance, Q&A panel, and autograph session.