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Frequently Asked Questions About FuMPFest


Does the hotel have an airport shuttle?

Yes! The hotel does have a shuttle. They normally charge $5 for rides to and from the airport but they are waiving this fee for FuMPFest attendees.

Additionally, the shuttle will take you to just about any location within a five mile radius of the hotel free of charge. Please contact the hotel for details and more information.

Do you have the code for the group rate?

Yes. You can book your room online by clicking this link. Our room rate is $109 per night.

If you have any problems booking the room online you may need to call the hotel. Their number is (847) 437-6010. Tell them you're there for FuMPFest. They should know what you're talking about. Our group code appears to be "FUM" according to the link they gave us, if that helps.


Can I perform?

Our 2017 event is fully booked, and this includes the FuMP Showcase, so that this point there are no further available slots at which to perform, with the exception of the Dumb Parody Ideas panel, which can include people from the audience. If you have an idea for a Dumb Parody Idea just be there and be ready to go.

If you are interested in being a performing artist at a future event please contact us.

Please note, members of the FuMP Core and Auxiliary get free admission to the event, so if you're one of those artists then come anyway! You'll probably wind up on stage at some point even if you don't have a performance slot.


We'll be adding more questions to this page as they come up. If you have a specific question that isn't listed here feel free to contact us.