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FuMPFest Guests

Guest of Honor

The Four Postmen

This FIVE-man band has been performing together since 1992 and features electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and an emphasis on three-part vocal harmony. Their live show is highly energetic and theatrical, complete with comic banter between songs. Sometimes compared to Barenaked Ladies, GQ Magazine called them, “The Seinfeldesque Monkees.”

The band has performed on NBC’s “Friday Night Videos,” and composed original music for NBC’s Thrillogy Series. They have 5 albums: “U.S. Male” (1993), “Looking For Grandpa” (1997), “Hit Record” (2001), “What The Hell Happened?” (2004) and “5-Pack, Volume 1” (2007) and continue to perform regularly in several hip LA-area venues.

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Featured Guests


In the year 20XX, two tiny animals found a pair of magical dice and transformed into gross humans who rap. These two, Cliff B and DJ Stuck Down A Mineshaft, rock the nerdcore hip-hop subgenre with their rhymes about video games, tabletop roleplaying, Avogadro's number, conventioneering, Boba Fett, the future, the past, bleeps, bloops, etc.


  • Nerds know a lot about words.
  • Rappers must know a lot about words to succeed.
  • QED, nerds are the best rappers.

Allow 2d6 to pelt you with candy as they rap at you. Fun for the whole family, if the whole family is 16+, because sometimes the language gets salty.

Check out 2d6 @ 2d6music.com!

Amanda Cohen

In 1998 Amanda Cohen put together the very first Weird Al fan convention. Now, 20 years later, we are celebrating that event with Amanda as our guest. She will be there for the special AlCon 98 retrospective panel and will be hosting the 8th annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music.

Originally from Chicago, Amanda now lives in Los Angeles where she is resuming a career in stand-up comedy. She has done stand-up on and off for many years, having opened for Paula Poundstone, Gilbert Gottfried, Jake Johannson, and many others. She even worked with Patton Oswalt early in his career. Amanda has also done some comedy-music of her own and had a hit on Dr. Demento with the Weird Al parody "Know Your Doctors" (a parody of "Your Horoscope for Today"). The song made the monthly Top 10 multiple times and the year-end countdown twice—#14 in 2013 and #9 in 2014.

For more information on Amanda, including clips of her comedy, visit AmandaComedy.com.

Lauren Mayer

Lauren began playing the piano at age 3 and discovered her penchant for writing comedy songs shortly thereafter. Her early influences included Alan Sherman, Dr. Demento, and Tom Lehrer (which explains her slightly warped sense of humor). For the past 25 years Lauren has written and performed customized shows for corporate clients and private parties. She has written several published children's musicals, released three albums of kids' music and three comedy CDs, created and performed a one-woman show, and won numerous songwriting and performing awards.

Power Salad

Power Salad is a comedy music group offering obscurely skewed and head-scratchingly funny views of life, wrapped up in different musical styles like wieners in blankets. Power Salad had the #1 song of 2008 on the nationally-syndicated “Dr. Demento” radio show, as well as the #3 song of 2006. The group evolved out of Akron, Ohio’s radio comedy group Zot Theater in the late 1980′s, and has released 5 CDs of funny music.

The Library Bards

The Library Bards are a nerd parody band consisting of Bonnie Gordon (ABC's The Quest) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS' King of the Nerds). They take popular songs and transform them into the nerdy versions they should have been in the first place! The Bards have been featured on CBS' Celebrity Name Game, SyFy's Geeks Who Drink and on the legendary Dr. Demento Show. You can keep up with all of their shenanigans on their Twitter.