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Sponsor FuMPFest


Basic Sponsorship Just $75

Our basic sponsorship level is just $75. For this you will receive:

  • Your logo printed in the program booklet
  • Your logo displayed on each of the FuMPFest banners at the event
  • Your logo placed on our web site and linked back to yours
  • Your company's name announced from the main stage once per day

Note: The sponsors for 2016 will continue to run on the web site through the end of 2016. Sponsors for 2017 will begin appearing on the web site as of January 1st, 2017.


1) Program Book Ad

Sponsors get a discount on ads in our program book to help you get the most bang for your buck. For details on our program book and the ads please visit our Program Book Ads page.

Discounted prices on program book ads:

  • Quarter Page Ad: $25
  • Half Page Ad: $45
  • Full Page Ad: $75
  • Inside Front Cover: $100
  • Back Cover: $250

2) Gift Bag Item: $40

An item of your choice will be inserted into each of the gift bags we are making up for attendees. Ideal for coupons, pens, CDs, stickers, or anything you wish to give away!

You must supply the item. If you do not supply us with enough items for all the bags then however many you supply will be inserted into a random selection of bags.

3) Screen Time: $75

Your logo will be displayed on our on-stage screen in between acts at least 4 times throughout the weekend.

Limit: 6 sponsors

4) Magazine Ad: $200

Your logo will run along-side our ad in the RedEye in the weeks leading up to the event.

Limit: 4 sponsors

5) Sponsor an Event

An event will be renamed to "Your company's event." For example, if your company is called Things and Stuff and you sponsor the Demented Dance the event will be named to "Things and Stuff’s Demented Dance" or "Things and Stuff Presents: The Demented Dance!" Whichever you prefer. The event will be listed this way in the program book, web site, and all official FuMPFest materials, and will be announced this way from the main stage when appropriate.

Limit: 1 sponsor for each event available

Available events:

We are currently working on the schedule and which events will be available for sponsorship. Please check back soon.