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FuMPFest Panels and Special Events


More than just concerts

FuMPFest has a fantastic line-up of comedy-musicians performing throughout the weekend, but to break things up and add a little variety we also have some panels and special events sprinkled in throughout the weekend.

The following list is in chronological order.

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Opening Ceremonies

Gotta start somewhere, right? Welcome to FuMPFest! We'll be introducing the guests, welcoming you to the con, and presenting a couple special live performances. We will also be screening the entries to our Video Contest for this year.

Friday: 6pm

Dumb Parody Ideas

A fast-paced, loosely organized contest to see who has come up with the dumbest parody idea. We present them in a rapid fire rotation as guests and even audience members get up and perform a verse and chorus of their dumbest song. Keep it short, and move on to the next one. The winner is chosen by audience vote and will win the coveted Golden Spatula! Got a dumb parody idea you want to perform? We'll be taking entries from the audience at the event. Be ready to go!

Friday: 9pm

Comedy-Music Burlesque

The Better Boobie Bureau and The Screwbelles will be on hand to perform their burlesque routines to various comedy songs. This is an 18-and-over event and is a separate admission. Tickets can be purchased on our registration page or at the door. Tickets are $5 for FuMPFest attendees or $10 for the general public.

Friday: 11pm

The State of The FuMP

Want a sneak peek behind the scenes at what is going on at The FuMP? This is your chance. Devo Spice and fellow FuMP members will be on hand to answer questions, discuss our plans for the future, and talk about what has been going on with The FuMP over the past year.

Saturday: 10am

Live Podcasts

Devo Spice will be presenting a live recording of Manic Mondays featuring live performances, News of the Stupid, and more, followed by a live presentation of Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons with TV's Kyle and the great Luke Ski.

Saturday: 1pm

Q&A with GOH

FuMPFest 2019 guest of honor The Doubleclicks will be on hand to answer whatever questions you may have.

Saturday: 4pm

Autographs: The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks will be signing autographs on Saturday afternoon. Each guest gets one free autograph with their registration. Have them sign your program book, merchandise, whatever!

Saturday: 5pm

The FuMP Game Show

How's your FuMP knowledge? Are you the ultimate FuMP fan? Put your knowledge to the test against other audience members in this Jeopardy-like game show which takes cues from several other popular game shows. Contestants will be chosen from the audience (from a pool of people who signed up) and battle head-to-head for the title of ultimate FuMP fan! Hosted by the great Luke Ski.

Saturday: 11pm

The FuMP Showcase

We invariably have more FuMP artists on hand than we have time for concerts, so this is a special concert just for them. Join us for performances by whatever other FuMP artists are in attendance!

Sunday: 10am

Dementia Smackdown Wrestling

Join Commissioner J.P. Tuesday and Duke Flyboy DuJour as they host the latest entry of Dementia Smackdown Wrestling, where virtual wrestlers of your favorite FuMP artists fight it out in the ring in a 20-person free-for-all event!

Sunday: 11:30am

Our Perspectives

In 2017 the Madam Opus project was conceived at FuMPFest. As far as we know it is the first and to date only compilation album to exclusively feature female artists. This panel is to discuss issues that women, along with non-binary and LGBT comedy artists have faced over the years. With: Lauren Mayer, Carrie Dahlby, Julie Jester, Libby and Laura from Cleary Guilty, and more.

Sunday: 2pm

Closing Ceremonies

All good things must come to an end, and such is the case with FuMPFest. Join us to announce the winners of the Video Contest, perform another special song or two, and say goodbye. We'll also take some final comments from the audience as we plan for next year so we can hopefully continue to make this the best event it can possibly be.

Sunday: 4pm