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Dealer Information

About FuMPFest

General Information

FuMPFest is a small, fan-run convention for fans of comedy-music. We attract a dedicated fanbase of comedy fans, generally people who do or have listened to the Dr. Demento Show, are fans of Weird Al Yankovic, The FuMP, etc. They also tend to be nerdy, fans of science fiction and fantasy, and intelligent. We expect around 250 people to attend FuMPFest 2017.


1 table: $125

Dealer tables are $125 for the weekend. For this you will get one 3' by 8' table in our dealers room to sell your wares. This also includes 2 weekend passes to FuMPFest so you can enjoy the festivities as well.

Additional tables: $75 each

Additional badges: $25 each

Additional badges can be purchased for $25 each if you need more than 2 people for your table. And if you need more than 1 table additional tables are just $75 each.


The dealer room will be staffed by FuMPFest volunteers during operating hours. Volunteers will also be available during setup and tear down.

The room will be locked overnight, however no staff will be in the room while it is closed. It is up to you to decide if you want to leave your table set up overnight or break it down each night.

While we will do everything within our ability to ensure the safety and security if your team and merchandise we can not be held responsible for losses due to theft, damage, or other unforeseen events.


The dealer room is located right next to the main programming room.

In 2014 we had a separate dealer room and then realized there was enough room in the Main Programming room to fit the dealers in there along the side, so in 2015 we did that. While sales were strong, the dealers felt that it was too hard to carry on any conversations in the main room and that a separate room gave people a place to go to get away from it all for a break, so we have decided to go back to a separate dealer room for 2016.

FuMPFest room diagram