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Dealer Information

About FuMPFest

General Information

FuMPFest is a small, fan-run convention for fans of comedy-music. We attract a dedicated fanbase of comedy fans, generally people who do or have listened to the Dr. Demento Show, are fans of Weird Al Yankovic, The FuMP, etc. They also tend to be nerdy, fans of science fiction and fantasy, and intelligent. The event attracts about 100-150 attendees annually.


So what about dealers?

We have decided that it doesn't make sense to have a separate dealers room for this particular convention. Having said that, if you offer a specific product or service that you think would perform well at our event we will offer you a table set up in the back of the main performance room near our own merchandise table.

This table will come with 2 full-access badges to the convention.

1 table: $125

Additional tables: $75 each

Additional badges: $25 each

Additional badges can be purchased for $25 each if you need more than 2 people for your table. And if you need more than 1 table additional tables are just $75 each.


You are solely responsible for staffing and securing your table at all times throughout the weekend. While we will do everything we can to accommodate you, we can not guarantee that our volunteers will be available to help you out.