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FuMPFest 2023

FuMPFest 2023

Now at Con on the Cob!

After taking a year off to regroup and recover from 2021 we were given the opportunity to run FuMPFest as part of Con on the Cob in Ohio. Con on the Cob is a gaming convention that has had a nerdy music track for some time. Started in 2005 by Andy Hopp the convention has hosted concerts by Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, and many more FuMP regulars, and was the home of the first ever Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music.


Guest of Honor

Ogden Edsl - Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey of Ogden Edsl were on hand to perform several of their classic comedy songs, like "Dead Puppies" and "The Fish People of Berodenon." Ogden Edsl has been a staple of The Dr. Demento Show since the late 70s and also had hits with songs like "Daddy's Money" and "Kinko the Clown."

Performing Artists

Bonnie Gordon - Bonnie came out for her first solo FuMPFest performance and did a Dumb Parody Idea called "Where's Xander."

Insane Ian - Our host of FuMPFest kicked off the weekend with his own concert featuring a live reinactment of "Kyle Are You Ian."

Jeff Whitmire - Jeff Whitmire brought his horror-themed comedy songs to FuMPFest just as V/H/S 85 premiered on Shudder, which features one of his songs over the closing credits.

Ross Childs - No longer local to FuMPFest, Ross Childs came out from Chicago to rock us once more.

Steve Goodie - Nashville's comedian and record producer Steve Goodie returned to FuMPFest to perform his tribute to "Weird Al" Yankovic and Daniel Radcliffe.

the great Luke Ski - FuMPFest favorite the great Luke Ski closed out the weekend with his first concert in the Ohio area in almost 10 years.

Toby Danger - Local comedy rock band Toby Danger made their FuMPFest debut with a rockin' set.

TV's Kyle and Linzilla - TV's Kyle and Linzilla were on hand to take the slot which was unfortunately vacated by Worm Quartet due to COVID.


Other Events

Opening Ceremonies - Welcome to the con! After the usual Con on the Cob welcomes Devo Spice performed "WAPC."

The FuMPCast Live - Con on the Cob starts on Thursday, so Devo and Luke took the opportunity to do a live episode of the Funny Music Podcast from FuMPFest.

Live Podcasts - Done mostly so they don't miss a week, Devo recorded a live episode of Manic Mondays which featured a segment of Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons.

Movie Time - Devo Spice screened his first short film, a horror short called Room 259, along with the special video The FuMP made for their 100th compilation album. Devo also previewed a scene from his upcoming comedy short Talk to the Hand.

Dumb Parody Ideas - A rapid-fire event where contestants perform snippets of dumb parodies they came up with. This year's winner was a Con on the Cob regular named Dr. Quinn. Bonnie Gordon also performed while holding a live squirrel.

The FuMP Game Show - Luke Ski hosted this Jeopardy-like game show featuring contestants from the audience. The winners of each round faced off against each other in a $25,000 Pyramid-like bonus round. Congratulations to this year's winner, Shy Chipmunk!

The State of the FuMP - Devo Spice reviewed the past two years of FuMP updates and showed the cover of the upcoming Tom Lehrer tribute album.

Q&A with Ogden Edsl - Devo Spice interviewed Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey in an event that went off the rails very quickly.

The Logan Awards - Insane Ian hosted the 13th annual Logan Awards, which featured live performances by Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, Steve Goodie, and more.

The FuMP Showcase - A chance for any other artists in attendance to take the stage. This year we had performances by Carrie Dahlby, Soggy Potato Chips, Brett Glass, and Holy Bongwater.

Closing Ceremonies - All good things must come to an end. We did the raffle drawings, announced the video contest winner, and Andy Hopp gave out several Corny Awards to people at the convention.

Program Book

Click here to download the 2023 program book. (pdf)