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FuMPFest 2019 - Live!

FuMPFest 2019 - Live!

Technical Difficulties, The Weekend!

It was bound to happen. A weekend full of snafus, goofs, gaffes, and glorfs. But that doesn't mean it was also great fun! FuMPFest 2019 featured debut performances by Robbie Ellis, Amy Engelhardt, and Clearly Guilty, plus returning favorites like The Library Bards, Rob Paravonian, Lauren Mayer, and Tim Cavanagh, plus an unforgettable two-hour concert by our guest of honor The Doubleclicks.

This two-hour compilation includes recordings from each concert given throughout the weekend, recorded directly off the sound board so they sound amazing. It also includes a selection of Dumb Parody Ideas from our annual dumb contest, some of the other witty banter that inevitably happens on stage, and an excerpt from Old Spice's surprise tribute to Devo Spice.

Proceeds from the sale of this album go to help fund FuMPFest 2020.

Order your copy today!


CD with digital download: $19.99

Digital Download: $19.99

Track List

1) Technical Difficulties: The Weekend

2) Grand Opening - Insane Ian

3) Moisture Chant

4) If I Had a Rocket Launcher - Insane Ian featuring Jeff Whitmire

5) Ode to Booze - The Shanty Shipwreck Show

6) Cuckoo's Nest - The Shanty Shipwreck Show

7) Choir of Angels

8) You Ate Jeff - RJ

9) Manplain - Seamonkey

10) Han Solo - Piper

11) Scratch My Beaver - Bonnie Gordon

12) Default Act

13) Skeksis Back - the great Luke Ski

14) Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues - the great Luke Ski

15) Saturday Morning Crowd

16) Time Lord Devo Spice (Excerpt) - Old Spice

17) Chanting

18) Don't Talk About Size - Carrie Dahlby

19) Pregnancy Is Strange - Carrie Dahlby

20) Symphony No 1 in Eb - Robbie Ellis

21) Gonna Punch You in the Face - Robbie Ellis

22) Welcome to Jurassic Park - Library Bards

23) Comic Fans - Library Bards

24) Favorite Event

25) 50 Minute Set

26) Next Level Chicken - TV's Kyle and Linzilla

27) Wiggling Is a Luxury We Can't Afford - TV's Kyle and Linzilla

28) Staring Contest

29) DoneKirk - Amy Engelhardt

30) Palette Cleanser

31) Black Panther - Amy Engelhardt

32) Flashback Wife - Rob Paravonian

33) Pachelbel - Rob Paravonian

34) Cats at Parties - The Doubleclicks

35) The Guy Who Yelled Freebird - The Doubleclicks

36) Never Follow You Again

37) Ode to a Summer Retail Job - The Doubleclicks

38) I Love You Like a Burrito - The Doubleclicks

39) Letterkenny Starring the Cave Weirdos

40) Do the Thing - the great Luke Ski featuring TV's Kyle, Linzilla, and Bonnie Gordon

41) Crab Man - Ross Childs

42) Suck It for You - Seamonkey

43) Yet Another Song Explaining Cold Weather Doesn't Disprove Climate Change - Lauren Mayer

44) The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song - Lauren Mayer

45) Funny Music Project

46) Faith Hill - Tim Cavanagh

47) Undeterred - Tim Cavanagh

48) Rollin' Toward Redemption - Tim Cavanagh

49) Star Trek Gatekeeping

50) Bad Nerd - Clearly Guilty

51) Headmaster Dumbledore - Clearly Guilty

52) Insane Ian Operation