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FuMPFest 2018 - Live!

FuMPFest 2018 - Live!

Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, fans of comedy music once again descended on Chicago for the 5th go around of FuMPFest, and the result was a glorious weekend of laughter and music. This compilation, recorded live at FuMPFest 2018, features many highlights from the weekend, from performances, to special events, and all the weird stuff in between.

Devo Spice started off the weekend with the debut of the Naughty By Nature parody "The FuMP's OK." Lauren Mayer performed a full set for the first time, as did Bill Larkin, and The Shanty Shipwreck Show. And hey, Mikey Mason actually showed up this time, invalidating his Bingo square.

2018's guest of honor was none other than The Four Postmen who put on an amazing two-hour show on Saturday night filled with all their hits, like "The Chainsaw Juggler," "Rabbit Valley," and "Let Me Make You Smile in Bed." There was also an incident involving Postman #5's underwear but we won't get into that right now. You can hear the aftermath of it on the compilation, though.

FuMPFest 2018 was also the home of the 8th annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music, and for the first time in the history of the awards all the winners were present to accept their award.

FuMPFest 2018 also featured the premiere of What The FuMP?, a new game show hosted by Luke Ski, and this compilation includes the recording of the championship round where Mr. Arthur squared off against Eclectic Lee Seitz for the title.

Relive the glory of this fabulous weekend, or if you weren't there hear what you missed, and then go register for this year's event.


CD with digital download: $19.99

Digital Download: $19.99

Track List

1) Cold Open

2) The FuMP's OK - Devo Spice

3) Are You 18, Erin?

4) Everything's A Song! (Super Rad! Version!) - the great Luke Ski

5) Mikey's Bingo Square

6) She Don't Like Firefly - Mikey Mason

7) Settle - Mikey Mason

8) Judy's Three Children

9) Jewish Christmas Carol Medley - Steve Goodie

10) Grandpa Got Run Over by a Hybrid - Steve Goodie

11) OHMYGODIMONFIRE - TV's Kyle and Linzilla

12) Just for You - Devo Spice

13) Beaten on a Jet Plane - Steve Goodie

14) Outstanding Comedy Music Video

15) My Roommate's Cat - Witty Cindy

16) Thoughts in my Head - Witty Cindy

17) Chris Is Taking a Selfie

18) Stuck I Want To Write A Song With A Real TitleNO YOU FUCKTAMBOURINE - 2d6

19) Dear Dr. Wong Pt. 6: The Wongening - 2d6

20) Luke Usurps Ian

21) AlCon 98 Performers

22) Stand by Your FuMP - Lauren Mayer

23) Dear Internet Trolls - Lauren Mayer

24) Close Your Eyes - Marc Gunn

25) Doctor of Gallifrey - Marc Gunn

26) The Chainsaw Juggler Origin Story

27) Dead Again - Bill Larkin

28) I Wear a Hat Now - Bill Larkin

29) Regeneration - The Library Bards

30) John Barrowman - The Library Bards

31) Postman #5

32) She Is Walking Away - The Four Postmen

33) The Chainsaw Juggler - The Four Postmen

34) Post Underwear Rip Pain

35) Let Me Make You Smile in Bed - The Four Postmen

36) Rabbit Valley - The Four Postmen

37) Plan B

38) What The FuMP?

39) Championship Round

40) Krampus the Christmas Monster - The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy

41) Convention

42) Babaganoush - TV's Kyle and Linzilla

43) Let's Go Over It Again

44) Wild Rover Lament - The Shanty Shipwreck Show

45) Fighting for Bottom - The Shanty Shipwreck Show

46) Butt Stuff - Matt Griffo

47) Sit on my Face - Matt Griffo

48) Snub the Californians - Saker of 2d6

49) Penis - Brett Glass

50) Keeping it Classy

51) Can I Make it Any More Obvious? - TV's Kyle

52) Trash Talk

53) The Perfect Parodist - Power Salad

54) The Eagle and the Bear - Power Salad

55) Raffle Winners