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FuMPFest 2016 - Live!

FuMPFest 2016 - Live!

They say the third time's the charm. Well the third FuMPFest convention tried to kill Storm. Get the full story right here on this compilation of recordings from FuMPFest 2016!

All of the artists who performed at FuMPFest 2016 gave us permission to include their songs on this compilation which is being used to raise funds for the convention. So whether you were there and want to relive the fun, or you missed it and want to get a taste of what happened, this compilation is an awesome cross-section of what went on at FuMPFest 2016.

We've got new songs from Worm Quartet, old songs from Luke Ski and Hot Waffles, and an improvised song from Paul and Storm. We've got several of the entries into this year's Dumb Parody Ideas contest, plus Carrie Dahlby performing will a full choir.

And, of course, we've got several selections from Paul and Storm's amazing Guest of Honor concert, where storm performed with a broken thumb and swollen knee, having fallen down a flight of stairs earlier in the day. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime concert, and we got it all on digital tape!

This 2-CD set contains 60 tracks and roughly 2.5 hours of music and comedy. Pick up your copy today!

The physical CD comes with instant access to the digital download as well.


CD with digital download: $19.99

Digital Download: $19.99

Track List

1) We Want The FuMP - The FuMP

2) Stage Selfie

3) Nothin' But a Geek Thang - Devo Spice

4) Dinky McDiddlyboots - Devo Spice

5) ClusterFuMP

6) Nine Dollar Cupcake - Rob Paravonian

7) SuperHappy - Rob Paravonian

8) Dumb Parody Ideas

9) Zest (over Dove) - Dino-Mike

10) TP for my Bunghole - Devo Spice

11) Somebody's Not Gettin' Laid Tonight - Chris and Sarah Waffle

12) Vasectomy - The Library Bards

13) The Winners

14) The Laundromat of Sin - Worm Quartet

15) I Want a Pie - Worm Quartet

16) Save Dat Mermaid - The Gothsicles

17) Moon Night Is Cool - The Gothsicles

18) Sheep - Seamonkey

19) She's Underage - Seamonkey

20) The State of the FuMP

21) Urban Dictionary - Dino-Mike

22) Nuff Liquor - Dino-Mike

23) All About that Space - The Library Bards

24) Buccaneer - The Library Bards

25) One-Third of Hot Waffles

26) Bass - Hot Waffles

27) Spam (Let the Pork Be Pork) - Luke Ski's Psycho Potpouri

28) Fallen Electrical Power Line Instructions Illustrated Weekly - Zot Theater

29) The Oregon Trail - Megathruster

30) The Annual Gathering

31) It's Rough to Be a Hufflepuff - Megathruster

32) Why Storm's Not Here

33) Tonight's Show

34) Tonawanda Powertrain - 2D6

35) Megathruster and Friends

36) Heh. That's Actually Hilarious. - 2D6

37) One Million Bottles of Beer - Tim Cavanagh

38) First Anniversary

39) The Human Music Stand - Tim Cavanagh

40) I'm Vambre Warrior - the great Luke Ski

41) Medical Sherpa

42) Storm's Blues - Paul and Storm

43) Nugget Man - Paul and Storm

44) The Pre-forgotten Sing-along Song - Paul and Storm

45) Needlessly Meta

46) A Better Version of You - Paul and Storm

47) Frogger, The Musical - Paul and Storm

48) One Last Arr

49) Ice King Baby - the great Luke Ski

50) Not Dead - Tony Goldmark

51) Why, Oh Why? (The Porn Song) - Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men

52) 1999 - Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men

53) The Corpse of Seamonkey

54) Jabba Jive - The Carrie Dahlby Court-ette

55) Ein Hennlein Weis - Carrie Dahlby with Court and Country

56) Tech Support for Dad - Tom Smith

57) Avengers' Picnic - Tom Smith

58) The Shortest Filk Song - Tom Smith

59) The Here and Now - the great Luke Ski

60) The Healing Hands of Seamonkey