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FuMPFest 2015 - Live!

FuMPFest 2015 - Live!

The second FuMP convention, FuMPFest 2015, was an amazing weekend of funny music featuring The Arrogant Worms as our guest of honor, performances by Tim Cavanagh, Steve Goodie, Carla Ulbrich, the great Luke Ski, and many more, plus events like Dumb Parody Ideas and the 5th annual Logan Awards ceremony. And we recorded it all!

This 2-CD set highlights some of the best moments and best performances from the convention so you can relive the fun, or experience it for the first time if you weren't lucky enough to be there in person. It features 55 tracks and over two hours of comedy from this amazing weekend.

Every artist who performed at FuMPFest 2015 gave us permission to include these recordings on this compilation so that we can raise some money to help produce FuMPFest 2016, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity. So help us out by picking up your copy.

Get your copy now! Purchase the CD and get the digital download for free, or just get the digital download if you already have enough crap taking up space in your house.


CD with digital download: $19.99

Digital Download: $19.99

Track List

1) Nipple Solidarity

2) Grapes - Power Salad

3) Benedict Cumberbatch - Insane Ian

4) Sounds of Chickens - Insane Ian

5) Ghost Leg - Bad Teenage Moustache

6) Jesus Time - Bad Teenage Moustache

7) Dumb Parody Ideas

8) Faith - Blasted Bill

9) Cheese Heads - Carla Ulbrich

10) We German - The Arrogant Worms

11) My Room Needs a Ceiling - Smashy Claw

12) Welcome to the FuMPFest, Have a Lobster - Kornflake

13) Make it Stop - Break Man Z

14) Urination Time - Carrie Dahlby

15) Shake That Baby - Carrie Dahlby

16) Touch of Gay - RJ

17) Winners

18) Four Things You Need to Know - TV's Kyle

19) Sheep in the Morning - TV's Kyle

20) Really Safe Sex - Tim Cavanagh

21) Get Drunk with Dignity - Tim Cavanagh

22) If 50's the New 30 - Drew Jacobs

23) Multitasking - Drew Jacobs

24) The Twilight Zone - the great Luke Ski

25) When You Wish upon a Death Star - the great Luke Ski

25) Duet with a Klingon - Carla Ulbrich

26) Fake Adult - the great Luke Ski

27) Almost Parent Time - Carrie Dahlby

28) Snack Bar - Devo Spice

29) Have Natural Es - The Boobles

30) FuMP Jingle

31) Shortcake and Beef - Power Salad

32) The Old Diploma Mill - Power Salad

33) Getting Old Sucks - Devo Spice

34) What if Your Girlfriend/Butt Was Gone - Carla Ulbrich

35) Duet with a Klingon - Carla Ulbrich

36) Love Me on Tinder - Steve Goodie

37) My Dog Never Multitasks - Steve Goodie

38) Pizza

39) We Are the Beaver - The Arrogant Worms

40) Rocks and Trees - The Arrogant Worms

41) Rippy the Gator - The Arrogant Worms

42) Thanks, Old Spice

43) Carrot Juice is Murder - The Arrogant Worms

44) Apollo Smile - DJ Particle

45) Firefly Con

46) GM, I'm Good - Rhiannon's Lark

47) Republican Candidates - RJ

48) Anthem for Drunk College Idiots - Smashy Claw

49) Goldfish - Smashy Claw

50) My Racist Grandmpa - Matt Griffo

51) Waffles - Matt Griffo

52) Morning People - Todd Chappelle

53) OCD - Todd Chappelle

54) The Chainsaw Juggler - The FuMP

55) Outro