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Very Grimm Fairy Tales

Very Grimm Fairy Tales

Very Grimm Fairy Tales - Cautionary Tales from the Pen of Trevor Strong

Once upon a time Fairy Tales were wild and thrilling. Then, the Great Disney, riding upon his steed of blandness, tore them from their dark, mysterious homes and transplanted them to his bright, sterile studio where he bathed them in Technicolor and made them sing sappy songs. No longer did Cinderella’s sisters have their eyes plucked out; no longer was Snow White’s stepmother forced to dance in heated iron until she died. No, everything was rainbows. Fairy tales were banished to the land of kiddie entertainment forever. Or were they?

Very Grimm Fairy Tales rescues this maligned genre from its saccharin prison. It’s twenty tales delighting in the unforgiving nature of the world; from the difficulty of fitting in, in “Eugene the Sensitive Troll," to the perils of being too happy in “The Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Smiling,” to the burdens of a terrible secret in “The Flatulent Prince.”


Paperback: $14.99