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People always ask us, “Where do you get your ideas?”
The answer is, of course, “SPACE.”
Sometimes it’s from Outer SPACE. Aliens, who’ve been watching earth for years because they find humans hilarious, send us lyrics. Sometimes it’s from Inner SPACE, the large empty areas of our brains that fill up with useless thoughts. We harvest this synaptic junk, make it rhyme, and turn it into sweet music. Of course the other way we get ideas is from the SPACE between albums, as in, “It’s been almost five years since your last album, are you guys going to get your act together and put out something new?”
Well, we have. SPACE is here. Here is SPACE.
SPACE is deep. SPACE is shallow. SPACE is big. SPACE is small.
SPACE is everywhere, yet you can never find a parking SPACE.


CD: $9.99

Track List

1) Yoga Pants

2) Brad

3) A Manly Song

4) I Sweat a Lot

5) Vance the Vegetarian Zombie

6) Meaningful Love Song

7) River of Snot

8) Local Politician

9) My Facebook Friends

10) Trapped in a Country Song

11) We Talk About the Weather

12) When Canada Rules the World

13) Uncomfortable Chair

14) Too Much Mayonnaise

15) Histamines

16) The Guy Who's Always Out of Tune