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Register for FuMPFest 2018


Pre-Register for FuMPFest 2018

Fill out the form below to register for FuMPFest. Click on the appropriate badge or badges to add them to your shopping cart.

How Much?


Registrations are being accepted online until April 30, 2018. After that time you will need to register at the door. If you pre-register online you can pick up your badge at Registration at the event.

Prices are below:


Weekend: $50

Friday only: $20
Saturday only: $30
Sunday only: $20

Dare to be Weird: A Weird Al Burlesque Tribute

(Adults only)
FuMPFest attendees: $5
General public: $10

Child (12 and under)

Weekend: $30

Friday only: $15
Saturday only: $15
Sunday only: $15

Child (3 and under)



Fill Out the Form Below to Register

Click the buttons below to add a badge for each person in your party.
Adult: Weekend $50
Adult: Friday $20
Adult: Saturday $30
Adult: Sunday $20
Burlesque Add-on $5
Burlesque Only $10
Child: Weekend $30
Child: Friday $15
Child: Saturday $15
Child: Sunday $15
Child 3 and under $0


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