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FuMPFest 2019

FuMPFest 2019

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FuMPFest 2019 was easily the event with the most problems and issues behind the scenes. However, we believe we did a good job of keeping them behind the scenes—with the possible exception of Raymond and Scum's last minute cancellation—and putting on a great event for everyone in attendance.

This weekend featured The Doubleclicks as our guest of honor; a sibling duo originally from Portland known for doing geeky, funny, and uplifting songs. We also had the usual series of performances by a few regulars and returning guests, plus newcomers Robbie Ellis, Clearly Guilty, and Amy Engelhardt.

This year we did the second installment of the What The FuMP gameshow and Mr. Arthur stepped up to successfully defend his title. And Old Spice surprised Devo Spice with a tribute featuring a new parody sung by Old Spice and many of Devo's friends, plus a recorded greeting from Dr. Demento.


Guest of Honor

The Doubleclicks - The Doubleclicks (Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner) are a Portland & LA-based musical duo who mix comedy, messages, and geek culture in charming, catchy songs, and they put on an amazing performance!

Performing Artists

Amy Engelhardt - This former member of The Bobs made her debut at FuMPFest in 2019 with beautiful singing and piano playing and some very funny songs.

Carrie Dahlby - The Carol Cleveland of The FuMP returned for her first main stage concert since 2016 and put on a great show.

Clearly Guilty - This duo closed out the weekend's performances and lived up to their tagline of nerdy, purdy, and dirty.

Insane Ian - Our host of FuMPFest kicked off the weekend with his own concert featuring the debut of a couple new songs.

Lauren Mayer - Returning for her second year in a row Lauren Mayer was a crowd favorite with her high energy performance.

the great Luke Ski - After Raymond and Scum canceled at the last minute Luke Ski was called upon to do a fill-in concert and did an amazing job. As he said, "I should probably start with 'I Didn't Have Time To Rehearse This,' right?"

Rob Paravonian - The Pachelbel Guy returned after a few years to get that particular song stuck in everyone's head again, including our guest of honor who worked it into several bits during their show.

Robbie Ellis - This local Chicago artist made his FuMPFest debut with some skilled piano playing and very funny songs.

The Better Boobie Bureau - Chicago's Buffet of Burlesque teamed up with another local troupe called The Screw Belles to put on an amazing burlesque performance on Friday night.

The Library Bards - The Library Bards returned again to dazzle the audience with their amazing songs and constant jazz hands.

The Shanty Shipwreck Show - The largest group of performers we can fit on the stage returned for another awesome performance of demented sea shanties.

Tim Cavanagh - Chicago local and Dr. Demento legend returned to FuMPFest for another show filled with hilarious stand-up and comedy-music.

TV's Kyle and Linzilla - The puffy-vested bloopcore artist and animator and his dinosaur lifemate Linzilla returned to rock the stage with earworms that just won't quit.


Other Events

Opening Ceremonies - Welcome to the con! Luke Ski started the weekend off with a high energy cover of "Weird Al" Yankovic's classic "Dare to Be Stupid." We screened the video contest entries, did all the usual stuff, and finished it off by debuting the new fan video for "Pico and Sepulveda" produced by several members of The FuMP.

Dumb Parody Ideas - A rapid-fire event where contestants perform snippets of dumb parodies they came up with. This year 12-year-old Piper successfully defended her title and once again brought home The Golden Spatula.

The State of the FuMP - Devo Spice went over the releases and videos The FuMP has produced over the past year, explained why they switched credit card processor, and debuted the nearly-complete animated video for "Tickets to Weird Al in Sarasota".

Live Podcasts - Devo Spice recorded Manic Mondays live on stage with a live performance of "Spider Verses" followed by an episode of Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons where TV's Kyle showed up some of the shows he has been pitching since Mighty Magiswords ended.

Q&A with The Doubleclicks - Devo Spice interviewed The Doubleclicks about their music and career and took questions from the audience.

The FuMP Game Show - Luke Ski hosted this Jeopardy-like game show featuring contestants from the audience. The winners of each round faced off against each other in a $25,000 Pyramid-like bonus round. Congratulations to our two-time winner, Mr. Arthur!

The FuMP Showcase - A chance for any other artists in attendance to take the stage. This year we had performances by The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy, Jeff Whitmire, Brett Glass, Ross Childs, and the return of Seamonkey.

Dementia Smackdown Wrestling - Commissioner JP Tuesday and Duke Flyboy DuJour hosted the latest installment of the virtual wrestling event featuring all the performing acts, this year expanded to 30 people to accomodate everyone at the event.

Our Perspectives - Inspired by the Madam Opus project a group of women and non-binary individuals took the stage to discuss the issues they have faced on the internet, in the nerd community, and in the music industry.

Closing Ceremonies - All good things must come to an end. We did the raffle drawings, which somehow ballooned to six instead of the planned three, announced the video contest winner, and closed out this year's event with a performance of "The FuMP's OK" by Devo Spice.

Program Book

Click here to download the 2019 program book. (pdf)