October 3-6 • Richfield, OH

As part of Con on the Cob!

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Latest Updates:


Please welcome our newest sponsor, Sunday Funnies!

Sunday Funnies is a half hour comedy music podcast hosted by Wacky Ben to bring laughter on everyone's lazy Sunday in order to give the next start of the work week a good start. No need for stress when all you need is a good laugh. Keep that sense of humor alive.


Guest of Honor and Additional Performers Announced

2024 Guest of Honor

We are forced thrilled to announce that the FuMPFest 2024 Guest of Honor is the Consortium of Genius! This group of mad esteemed scientists will be taking over appearing at FuMPFest and teaching you the proper way to bow to the COG!

Also Performing:

Worm Quartet

Synth-punk-comedy phenomenon Worm Quartet—who had to cancel his 2023 appearance due to COVID—will be making up for it by appearing now in 2024! Shoebox has been sequestored away in the COG's secret lair to for the duration of time leading up to FuMPFest to ensure he doesn't get sick again.

Holy Bongwater

Jace McLain and Julia Larson of Nuclear Bubble Wrap have a side project called Holy Bongwater. They have performed at FuMPFest in the past as part of the FuMP Showcase, but this year they are a fully featured artists, with all the features that entails.


Ohio's own nerdcore super-duo of Cliff B and DJ Stuck Down A Mineshaft will once again be gracing the stages of FuMPFest to promote their new album Live at Casa Buhdogskull, which features such hit songs as "Metal Mario's Diarrhea (Burger Blasted)" and "The Doctor Said The Hair On My Balls Is Terminal."

Pastor Hastor

A newcomer to the comedy scene, Pastor Hastor sings parodies of classic rock songs about Lovecrafian lore. Come see if you can make it through his concert with your entrails and sanity intact! Fun for the whole family!

2023 Fundraiser Compilation Now Available!

The FuMPFeste 2023 compilation is now available! This 2-CD compilation features over two hours of live recordings from FuMPFest 2023, including songs by Ogden Edsl, Bonnie Gordon, the great Luke Ski, Toby Danger, Jeff Whitmire, Ross Childs, and more! Plus entries from our Dumb Parody Ideas contest, and performances from the Logan Awards Ceremony.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation go directly to help us produce FuMPFest, so please help us out by buying a copy on CD or as a digital download. This album is not available for streaming. The only way to get it is to purchase it. Or find someone who already ahs it and hit them over the head. Buying it is easier.

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Please welcome our first sponsor, Sulu!

We are thrilled to welcome back Sulu as a sponsor this year!

Sulu was a long-time sidekick on the Dr. Demento Show in the 1970s and 80s. In addition to answering phones and helping with the show she also recorded her own funny songs and had several hits with songs like "I Like Your Toes" and "Locked in the Closet with You."

Now a retired school teacher, Sulu has gone back to making the occasional funny song. Her latest song "I Made It with a Bagel and Cream Cheese" made Dr. Demento's Top 10 countdown for March this year. She also recorded a theme song for FuMPFest 2023 that we played during Opening Ceremonies. That recording can be found on our 2023 compilation, now available in the store.

Sulu will be in attendance at 2024's event!