May 25-27, 2018. Chicago IL

A full weekend of comedy-music and related weirdness.

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Latest Updates:


New Guest Announcement: Amanda Cohen

We are thrilled to welcome stand-up comic Amanda Cohen to FuMPFest. Amanda was the person who put together the AlCon conventions and we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first one—AlCon 98—at FuMPFest. AlCon 98 was where many of us first met each other in person for the first time so we wanted to look back and relive some of those memories. Amanda will be on hand to be a part of our special AlCon 98 Retrospective panel. She will also be hosting the 8th annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music.


FuMPFest E-Mail List

Sign up and receive and free exclusive download of live recordings from past events!


FuMPFest 2018 Announced!

We are proud to announce that FuMPFest 2018 will be taking place May 25-27, 2018* at the Elk Grove Holiday Inn just outside Chicago. This is the same location we've been at for the past two years and we are thrilled to be back.

And our Guest of Honor for 2018 is none other than The Four Postmen!

Described by GQ Magazine as "The Seinfeldesque Monkees," The Four Postmen are a five-piece band that has been rocking The LA area since the early 90s. They have had numerous hits on the Dr. Demento Show including "The Chainsaw Juggler," (#1 song of 1999) "Let Me Make You Smile in Bed," (#1 song of 2001) "Rabbit Valley," "Coffee Girl," and many more.

But Wait, There's More!
Also performing at next year's event are:

Returning to FuMPFest after having to cancel their appearance in 2017, the duo that Luke Ski refers to as "the Chain Chomp of Nerdcore" will be returning to FuMPFest in 2018.

Lauren Mayer
Lauren showed up to 2017's event and completely pwned the FuMP Showcase on Sunday morning. In 2018 she'll have a full one-hour concert to rock you with.

Power Salad
Chris Mezzolesta is the guy who makes FuMPFest sound as awesome as it does. He has been running sound since day one, but he hasn't had a full concert since 2014, so we're rectifying that in 2018.

The Library Bards
Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret put on an amazing show in 2016. They initially told us they couldn't make 2017 but then they showed up anyway, so we gave them a short set during Closing Ceremonies. In 2018 they'll be back in their full glory with a full concert.

And there is much more to come, so stay tuned!

Pre-registration is now open. Register before the end of the year when prices will go up. Our hotel block is now open as well. This year rooms in our block are just $105/night!

*We understand this is a change from the previously announced dates. If you pre-registered at FuMPFest 2017 and can not attend due to the date change please contact us. You have the option of having your registration applied to 2019's event, or having it refunded.


Thank You for a Wonderful Event!

FuMPFest 2017 was an amazing weekend. How amazing, you ask? It was so amazing that it happened a week and a half ago and I'm just now settling down enough to post this update! It was so amazing that Tim Cavanagh couldn't stay away and showed up just to say hi. In fact, it was so amazing that, if you can believe it, we made it through the entire weekend without anyone uttering the phrase "God hates comedy musicians!"

The concerts were fantastic, without exception. Newcomers Tom Tuerff and the Reformed Whores left with many new fans and Lauren Mayer completely blew the lid off the place during the FuMP Showcase. A personal highlight for me was getting to perform "Boot to the Head" live on stage with Peter Wildman. That was incredible.

This year we did something new and stupid, but it seemed to go over well so I guess we'll keep doing it: FuMPFest Bingo! We had free bingo cards for people to play along with all weekend, and as things happened players would cross them off the list. The squares included things like "Chris says 'TILE!'," "Luke plugs something," "Shoebox says 'nipples'," "Shut up, Ian!" and other things like that which are staples of our gatherings.

And here are the winners of this year's video contest:
First place: "USF'n A" by Baldbox; video by "Eclectic Lee" Seitz
Second place: "Four Things You Need to Know" by TV's Kyle; video by Mad Mike Beucler
Third place: "Smells Like Herb Alpbert" by Power Salad; video by Dr. Don

Congratulations, everyone!

We have already begun planning for 2018 so keep an eye on this web site for updates. In the mean time a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended, or helped plan or run FuMPFest. We couldn't have done it without you!