October 5-8 • Richfield, OH

As part of Con on the Cob!

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Latest Updates:


FuMPFest 2020 T-shirts Reprints

There has been some interest from people who missed out on the FuMPFest 2020 t-shirt, so to raise a little more money for the con we're going to do a second limited run print of this shirt.

This is a pre-order. We need to sell 12 shirts to reach the minimum order with the printer.

We will only be taking orders until February 15th.

If, by then, we have not sold 12 shirts we will not place the order and we will refund all your money. If we've reached that goal we will get the shirts printed and shipped out to you right away.

Commemorate the year that wasn't with the 2020 FuMPFest t-shirt. We feel this design accurately represents how everything went in 2020.

Click here to pre-order

This is also the last call for FuMPFest swag bags. 2023 Swag Bags will only be sold until February 15th as well.


FuMPFest E-Mail List

Sign up and receive and free exclusive download of live recordings from past events!


FuMPFest Swag Bag Now Available!

If you were not at FuMPFest or did not get to pick up a Swag Bag while you were there we have a few left over so we're selling them in our store.

Order now while supplies last!


Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

Another FuMPFest has come and gone and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible!

Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey of Ogden Edsl put on a fantastic show full of dead puppies and fish people of Berodenon. Our other performers all put on great sets - Bonnie Gordon, Insane Ian, Jeff Whitmire, Ross Childs, Steve Goodie, the great Luke Ski, Toby Danger, and TV's Kyle and Linzilla, all managed to put on fantastic shows without crossing any picket lines.

We need to thank Steve Popernack and Ken Sherlock for their excellent work running Table 27.

We want to thank our sponsors, donors, and supporters, and everyone we roped into helping at the last minute for one thing or another.

Congratulations to Dr. Quinn for winning Dumb Parody Ideas, Shy Chipmunk for winning the game show, and Chuck for winning the video contest!

And of course we need to thank Andy Hopp and everyone involved at Con on the Cob for allowing us to crash their convention and making it a wonderful event!

Thank you all!

Please check out the 2023 Archive for photos of this year's event.