August 26-28, 2016. Chicago IL

A full weekend of comedy-music and related weirdness.

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Latest Updates:


FuMPFest 2016 Announcement!

After many technical difficulties and numerous delays we are finally ready to announce plans for 2016's FuMPFest! This year's event will take place at the Holiday Inn Chicago—Elk Grove in Elk Grove Village, just outside Chicago, on August 26-28.

2016's Guest of Honor will be none other than Paul and Storm! Long-time comedy music fans will remember them as one half of the a cappella comedy group Da Vinci's Notebook. Younger fans will know them from W00tstock, the JoCo Cruise, their musical web series LearningTown, or their numerous appearances on the Bob and Tom Show. They are a very funny duo and we are thrilled to be able to welcome them to FuMPFest.

Also performing in 2016 will be Worm Quartet, the one-man-synth-punk-comedy band from Rochester New York will be returning to grace us with his antics and nipple references. The Gothsicles, Chicago's own industrial goth video game band will be making their FuMPFest debut, as will Dino-Mike who will be promoting his new album Analbum. We have many more acts lined up to announce to stay tuned!

This is a new venue for us and we are very much looking forward to working with the fine folks at the Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove. The room rate is $109 per night. Make sure you mention FuMPFest to get in to our room block so we can fill it, or click here to book your room online. This hotel does have an airport shuttle. Usually they charge $5 for the ride but they are waiving that fee for FuMPFest attendees.

This is also a date change for us. Previous FuMPFests have taken place in early to mid June. This is the last weekend in August. If you pre-registered at last year's event and now cannot attend due to the date change please contact us. You have the option of having your money refunded, or having your registration applied to 2017's event.

Finally, we have had to raise our prices a little bit. The convention is not yet breaking even and for it to continue to exist in the long term it's going to have to eventually pay for itself. We're trying to keep prices reasonable, so we have only raised them $5 at this point. Pre-registration is $40 until April 30th for the weekend. Day badges and children's badges are also available on our Registration Page. On May 1st the price will go up to $50 for the weekend. Badges will also be available at the door at that price.

We will have more annoncements in the coming weeks and months. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks! And here's looking forward to a great event in 2016!


FuMPFest 2015 Wrap Up

Well, another FuMPFest has come and gone and we can not possibly thank everyone enough for making it such an awesome event! I drove back to New Jersey wearing my FuMPFest badge because I just didn't want it to end.

The performances were awesome, especially our guests of honor The Arrogant Worms who put on a stunning show on Saturday night. The panels were fun. And while we had several more things go wrong this year I don't think any of it was enough to screw up the weekend. Speaking of which, I would like to apologize for the karaoke never having been set up. That was a case of miscommunication and we all showed up to the event thinking someone else was handling it. By the time we figured out what happened there was no way to fix it.

Thank you!

I need to thank all of our performers who came from all over the damn place to put on a show and who all, without exception, did a great job. First and foremost, The Arrogant Worms for coming all the way from Canada, dealing with the TSA, and working with us to allow this to happen. These guys were some of the nicest people I've ever worked with and I can't say enough good things about them.

And all our other performers: Bad Teenage Moustache, Tim Cavanagh (who I think made a new stalker this weekend), Todd Chappelle, Steve Goodie, Matt Griffo, Drew Jacobs, the great Luke Ski (who put his animation skills to work in his set), Smashy Claw, TV's Kyle, and Carla Ulbrich. And to Mikey Mason for giving me enough of a heads up that he wasn't going to make it to allow me to come up with a backup plan.

I need to give a special thanks to Insane Ian who not only put on a great show but did a great job of hosting the event all weekend, including the Logan Awards where he changed clothes between each nominee just like a real awards show!

And congratulations to R.J. who beat Steve Goodie, Carla Ulbrich, Insane Ian, and me in the Dumb Parody Ideas panel and took home the Golden Spatula!

And, of course, a special über Thank You to our volunteers without whom, quite literally, this event wouldn't have happened. Jayekitty, who did an amazing job running Table 27 and coordinating the volunteers, George Macas who set up the snack bar, Blasted Bill who DJ'd the Demented Dance, and the rest of the volunteers: Boddel, Darth Kitty, Terra, BreakManZ, Doornail, Aerysa Kixya, and Flower Fluff Grrl. And special thanks to Theodora Sparks for handling everything with the hotel, Chris Mezzolesta who coordinated the sound system and made us all sound awesome all weekend, Sara Trice for helping with the web site, and my father Bill "Old Spice" Rockwell for setting up the Green Room for the performers and helping out all weekend.

And certainly, thank you to everyone who made the trip out to attend the event. All that work would mean nothing if nobody showed up. Thank you!


The t-shirts are gone! We completely sold out of them at FuMPFest! So we are going to do one more limited run of them. Order your shirt here before the end of June and then on July 1st we will place the order for another batch. But we are only ordering as many shirts as we sell. We will not be carrying a stock of these. So if you want one you will need to order it before the end of June.

The App

During the weekend I mentioned that I had programmed a FuMPFest app for iOS. Unfortunately it wasn't approved by Apple in time for the event. On Monday afternoon, during the drive home, I got word that the app had finally been approved. Timing is everything in life, eh?

So it's too late to be of any use for this year's event, but go ahead and download the app anyway. That way when I update it for next year's event you'll already have it.

And you Android users, don't fret. There will be an Android version, as soon as I can figure out PhoneGap's sparse and confusing documentation.


You can hear the Live Podcasts panel on this week's episode of Manic Mondays. And there will be another 2 CD set of live recordings from the event. We'll be working on that shortly. So that will give you the opportunity to relive what you saw, or if you weren't there it'll give you a taste of what you missed.

Additionally, the next episode of The Insider podcast (episode 101) will feature a 2-hour look back that was recorded Sunday night with Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad. So keep an eye out for that.

Next Year

Yes, there will be a next year! And there will even be a FuMPFest in that next year! We have already started planning for next year and will be making some announcements soon. Stay tuned!

As soon as we have dates set up we will set up a Facebook event for it. If you plan to come please join the group and share it with all your friends so we can spread the word.

That's it for this year. Thanks again, everyone!



Streaming Information

If you are not able to attend FuMPFest in person we have some good news. Most* of the events will be streamed in both audio and video format. The audio stream will be free via Dementia Radio. The video stream will be “pay what you want” via ConcertWindow. Any tips that come in via ConcertWindow will go to the artist on stage when the tip came in.

Click here for the audio stream.

Click here for the video stream.

Finally, we must unfortunately announce that Worm Quartet has had to cancel his appearance at FuMPFest due to a family emergency.

*Tim Cavanagh has asked that his concert not be streamed. Additionally we will not be able to stream the Movie Time panel.