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The 2019 Program Book

The FuMPFest Program Book

Our professionally designed and printed program book is given out for free to each attendee of FuMPFest. It contains the schedule, information about the acts, merchandise, hotel, and more. It is an invaluable resource for attendees, and many use the program book to collect autographs, ensuring that they will keep them for years to come.

We offer 1/4 page, 1/2 page, and full page ads, as well as the inside of the front cover, and the back cover. Space is limited, so get your ad in early.

The deadline to place your order and submit your artwork is September 20, 2024.

Scroll down to purchase your ad.

Quarter Page: $40

Half Page: $60

Full Page: $100

Inside Front Cover: $150

Back Cover: $300

Note: Sponsors get a discount on ads in the program book. For details visit our Sponsors page.

Art Specs

File Format

We can accept any format that Photoshop can read. PSD, JPEG, TIFF, etc. If you must use Word to design your ad please send us a PDF to ensure that it looks exactly how you want it to.

A native layered Photoshop document would be best in case we have to make any adjustments to your ad. (Note: We won't change the design of your ad and any necessary adjustments will be sent to you for approval before the ad is run.)

Design Services

Need us to design your ad for you? We would be happy to! We will design your ad for a flat additional fee of $125. Just tell us what you want your ad to say, give us a rough idea of what you want it to look like, and send us any photos or graphics you have that you want to use, and we'll put it all together and make it look great for you!


Quarter Page: 2.25" by 3.5"

Half Page: 4.75" by 3.5"

Full Page: 4.75" by 7.375" (includes Inside Front and Back covers)

Please ensure all files are at least 150 dpi or higher.

FuMPFest Program Book Ad Template
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