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FuMPFest Privacy Policy


FuMPFest Privacy Policy

FuMPFest doesn't track you. We don't have any use for your data and frankly we have better things to do.

When you register we store your name and email address in a private database. This is so we know you've registered and can make you a badge and can then email you if there's a problem or we have a question or something. This information is never shared with anyone ever.

If you've signed up for our email newsletter then that information is stored by MailChimp. You can read their privacy policy here and can unsubscribe from our email newsletter at any time. We won't be offended, really.

Our server does the usual anonymous tracking of visitors that is used for analytics and whatnot. Although we rarely if ever look at this data because frankly we're not very good at this whole internet marketing thing.

We have implemented Facebook pixels and Google analytics tools mostly to track ad conversions, but again, we tend to forget to look at them.

If you have any questions about our policy of not tracking you feel free to contact us.