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FuMPFest Guests

Guest of Honor

Consortium of Genius

  • They have conquered and destroyed every style of popular music.
  • They combine super-science, super-villainy, and comedy to rock audiences into brain-drained submission.
  • They have proven unstoppable by all conventional (or even supernatural) means.
  • They possess more PhD’s than any other band in history.

Only ONE band can claim to have accomplished all these feats and lived to rock about it – the Consortium of Genius!

Formed in 1993 by lead vocalist Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, and performing live lectures since 1996, the Consortium of Genius, despite somehow NOT taking over the world (yet), have remained a vital force in the field of mass mind-control music manipulation.

The current band features Dr. Z on bass, Dr. Winchester on keyboards, Prof. Glitch on guitar and Drumbot on drums.

  • 31 years of musical madness, beginning with the album "Songs of Violence & Stupidity" in 1993
  • 5 albums + 23 singles
  • 17 different songs played on the Dr. Demento show since 1999
  • 27 songs played on The FUMP since 2008
  • 110 episodes of 'Escape From the Secret Lab' (92 bands guested, 23 bands defeated)
  • Thousands of lab rats, COG-noscenti & radioactive zombies educated & entertained!


Featured Guests


In the year 20XX, two tiny animals found a pair of magical dice and transformed into gross humans who rap. These two, Cliff B and DJ Stuck Down A Mineshaft, rock the nerdcore hip-hop subgenre with their rhymes about video games, tabletop roleplaying, Avogadro's number, conventioneering, Boba Fett, the future, the past, bleeps, bloops, etc.


  • Nerds know a lot about words.
  • Rappers must know a lot about words to succeed.
  • QED, nerds are the best rappers.

Allow 2d6 to pelt you with candy as they rap at you. Fun for the whole family, if the whole family is 16+, because sometimes the language gets salty.

Check out 2d6 @ 2d6music.com!

Holy Bongwater

Holy Bongwater is a song parody duo consisting of Jace McLain and Julia Larson (both also from the band Nuclear Bubble Wrap). This creative outlet serves as a place for Julia and Jace to let out their song parody prowess and to satirize pop culture, as well as the overall state of humanity. Their song "Nurples" was a Dr. Demento hit in 2023, and their Disney/Nickelodeon parody "We Don't Talk About Schneider" has left audiences on the edge of their feets. They have a full length album on the way, which will be produced by the esteemed parody producer, Steve Goodie.

Pastor Hastur

Pastor Hastur - As an avatar of the Unspeakable One himself, Pastor Hastur is on a mission to spread the wonders of the Yellow Sign and all things Lovecraftian by means of unutterable music lofting on the strange winds from Lost Carcosa. Ever wonder what would have happened if your favorite classic rock musicians had gazed into the abysmal darkness of the Necronomicon and became enthralled by the Eldritch Horrors within? Now’s your chance to find out. Join Pastor Hastur for his Parodies Not To Be Named. No guarantee that you will leave with your sanity intact. Come join in this musical celebration of all things Lovecraft, from his original writings to related games and movies.