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Frequently Asked Questions About FuMPFest


Why combine your event with Con on the Cob?

FuMPFest has traditionally been a very expensive event to produce. We have lost money every year, ranging from a little to quite a lot. After 2021 we took some time off to regroup and try to figure out a way to hold the event without losing so much money. We reached out to Andy Hopp, Chair of Con on the Cob, about hosting The Logan Awards for 2023 there and he said "Why don't you just have FuMPFest here, too?" So we have taken him up on his offer. We're going to give this a try and see how it goes.

Does it matter which badge I buy?

Yes and no. It doesn't matter to you. FuMPFest isn't a separate admission so any badge will give you access to both Con on the Cob events and FuMPFest events. The FuMPFest badges just tell the convention that you are there for FuMPFest and we will get a small cut of that revenue to put towards our budget.

Are you streaming the event online?

Yes! We will be streaming as much as we are allowed to. For legal reasons and due to some guest requirements we may not be able to stream everything. But what we are allowed to stream will be available on dementiaradio.org (audio only) and twitch.tv/the_fump.

Will there be karaoke?

There will be karaoke, but we won't have the setup available all weekend like we have done in the past. Con on the Cob does their own Karaoke event at 11pm on Friday so that will be available to attendees.


Does the hotel have an airport shuttle?

Unfortunately, no. According to Lyft's website a ride from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the hotel is estimated to cost between $25 and $30.

Do you have the code for the group rate?

Yes. You can book your room online by clicking this link. Our room rate is $109 per night.


Can I perform?

If you are interested in being a performing artist please contact us. We are always looking for new acts to consider for the event. After you contact us we will add you to our list of artists for consideration and may ask for additional information such as live performance videos or music links.

Please note, members of the FuMP Core and Auxiliary get free admission to the event, so if you're one of those artists then come anyway! You'll probably wind up on stage at some point even if you don't have a performance slot.

Mobile App

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes and no. We updated the mobile app for 2021 but were unable to publish it to the app stores for reasons that aren't worth explaining here. So we have published a web version of the app. Visit this link on your mobile device and it will function just like the app:


This app will be updated for 2024 closer to the event.


We'll be adding more questions to this page as they come up. If you have a specific question that isn't listed here feel free to contact us.